Men’s Health Physiotherapy

Men’s Health Physiotherapy Services in Geelong

Men’s Health Physiotherapy involves the assessment and management of a broad range of pelvic health conditions across the lifespan.

We assess and treat:

  • Bladder problems – bladder leakage, voiding difficulty, urgency, frequency, night frequency.
  • Bowel problems – bowel or wind leakage, constipation, difficult or incomplete emptying, anal pain (fissures, haemhorroids)
  • Pelvic pain – pain with urinating, bowel emptying, sexual function
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pre- and Post Prostatectomy Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
Have Pelvic Health Concerns and Need Help?

We are committed to providing compassionate and high quality care for individuals seeking support in their pelvic health journey