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Bowel Physiotherapy Services in Geelong

Bowel Physiotherapy aims to assess and manage a variety of bowel related concerns, including:
  • Constipation – reduced frequency, straining, incomplete emptying
  • Anal pain conditions – haemhorroids, anal fissures, proctalgia fugax
  • Bowel control problems – bowel urgency, leakage from the bowel, difficulty controlling wind.

Bowel physiotherapy includes a number of different treatment options, each tailored to suit individual needs. These may include:

  • Bowel habit training – with the goal of helping to establish a regular bowel routine, providing predictability and confidence in leaving the house.
  • Defecation retraining – improving toilet position and the way in which you use your diaphragm, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to empty your bowel, reducing straining and improving emptying.
  • Biofeedback – using voice, touch, EMG biofeedback, real time ultrasound or rectal balloon therapy. Information about your muscles and technique can be ‘fed back’ to you, improving your awareness and ability to perform the correct skill.
  • Pelvic floor muscle training – guidance to ensure the pelvic floor muscles are able to contract strongly for good bowel control, and/or relax completely and effectively to allow for easy bowel emptying.
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